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The Great Medical Wonder of the World!

There is no sore it will not heal, no pain it will not subdue.

Like grandpa's cough medicine; mind-altering, a little dangerous and a TON of fun, ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​MIRACLE CURE offers a mashup of burlesque comedy, eye-popping circus acts and live music guaranteed to elevate your spirits - and your conciousness. You'll swear you've been transported to the days when the west was truely untamed and full of wonder.​ Follow your eccentric traveling salesman as they intoxicate you with wire dancers, crossbow artists, spinning plates and high flying stunts. 

See this show before the caravan rolls out of town! 

Guaranteed Cure All

Death Defying Feats

Hilarious Physical 

Live Original Music


Dystopia, Constipation, Chills and Fever, a Cold Heart, Irritable Bowels, Diplorability, Anxiety, Lameness, Suckiness, Dry Mouth, Incompetence, Incontinence, Exhaustion, Coulrophobia, Agoraphobia, Homophobia, AGP, Flatulence, Sprains, Swelling, Frailness, Toothache, Brainache, Heartache or Any Disease!

Gives Immediate Relief!


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